An Overview of the Mobility Aids

Mobility aids play a pivotal role in helping people walk and move around with ease. They are designed to help with mobility. Mobility aids are sought when it becomes difficult for people to walk freely by themselves. For instance, when a person gets older, moving may become challenging and as such, aid may be used to help them. Besides the elderly persons, mobility aids can be used by persons with disability. Certain injuries, such as a broken or injured leg may necessitate the use of crutches to move about for until you have fully recovered and the injury fully healed. Other than the crutches, you may also consider using a wheelchair. There is no shortage of the mobility aids that one can use to help enable mobility.


Wheelchairs are among the most common mobility aids and that can easily be accessed in hospitals. A wheel chair is simply a chair with two large wheels. The wheelchair comes with a pair of handles at the back, which are used by another person to push the chair along. The person seating in the wheelchair can also maneuver the chair by simply pushing the wheels. There are several different types of wheelchairs available for purchase today. For instance, you can get the standard version, a standard lightweight chair, special pediatric wheelchair, or even a wheelchair accessory which include waterproof covers and cushions.

Mobility scooter

This is simply an electric scooter. Mobility scooter closely resembles the wheelchair except for the fact that it is electric and therefore does not rely on manual force. For maneuverability, mobility scooters are effective in helping people get about easily. For convenient storage, the scooters are normally easily dismantled for quick storage in your home or fit in the boot of a car. Most of the scooters will come with a basket in front used for the storage used by riders to place their belongings be it their handbags, shopping. In fact, the scooters have revolutionized how users shop.

Walking frames and sticksĀ 

These walking aids are used by persons who are not comfortable putting much pressure on their body while walking. With a walking frame, or a walking stick can greatly relieve some of the body weight while walking. If you hurt your leg or knee, for instance, you can use the either of these mobility aids to help you along.

The variety of walking aids available today is broad. Discussed above is just but a few of them that PSP Homecare can help you acquire through their financing program or run a maintenance check for you. Sometime, people will get different mobility aids and use them in depending on the environment and activity. For instance, if you want to enjoy a long day of shopping, then you may need to use a mobility scooter which is probably the best option in this case. On the other hand, if you intend to walk about the house, then you may prefer to use a walking stick as the preferred mobility aid.