Loose Tea Leaves Benefits

There is numerous health benefits associated with tea since the start of time. In traditional medicine, dating hundreds of years back, tea has always been used for its remedial benefits to treat several infectious diseases, common cold and aid the digestive and nervous systems. With the scientific developments, numerous researches have been done and proven to connect between the regular tea consumption and lowered chances of contracting numerous ailments including cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

The main benefit of taking organic loose tea is the fact that it makes a completely natural beverage which does not require any additive such as flavoring, colors, or even preservatives. When taken without adding sugars, honey, or even milk, natural tea contain zero calories and therefore serves as an important element responsible for maintaining the most needed balance of the body liquids.

Scientific Research

The Organic loose leaf tea companies have invested a great deal of resources in running endless scientific researches to figure out the benefits of consuming organic loose tea. Discussed below are some of the benefits associated with these researches.

Lower Chances Of Stroke Attacks: A study conducted on about 9000 women in Japan showed that the participants who took less than five cups of organic tea every day had a high chance of suffering from stroke attacks. Tea Leaf Co. team found out that, the phenols in the tea helped in the oxidization cholesterol which results in damaged blood vessels.

Weight loss: Losing weight is a major problem for most people across the globe. Fortunately, the great benefits found in the loose leaf tea including helping in weight loss. This claim has been reported in a wide range of research papers. Besides, the benefits include lowering risks of cancer, ineffective intestine health conditions, arteriosclerosis, and liver infections. The loose leaf tea has been clinically proven effective in lowering the cholesterol levels, assist in weight loss, and at the same time strengthen your cognitive abilities.

High in Antioxidants: There are numerous clinical studies that have proven that the organic tea leaves have high Polyphenols in high quantities. Polyphenols is a renowned type of antioxidants. By consuming at least five cups of the organic tea every day will help maintain a high level of the antioxidants in your bloodstreams. The antioxidant works by neutralizing the free radicals in your blood. If you have never heard of the free radicals, they are the oxidizing molecules in your body that naturally and in most cases harmlessly reside in our bodies.

These radicals usually accumulate from our physiological processes which include metabolism and are usually found in the environmental factors such as air pollution, poisonous waste as well as cigarette smoking. These radicals that accumulate in your body over the time act as an encumbrance on your immune system especially due to the fact that they attack you body tissues and harm your cells leading to the development of numerous chronic diseases and are linked to our aging process.